• Western movies get African treatment

    Posted April 14, 2006 By in Film/Television With | 2 Comments

    Jingo Tabula - Ugandan veejayThe Christian Science Monitor writes about the emergence of video jockeys (veejays) in Uganda. Emerging out of the phenomenon of homegrown video hall, the veejays act as cultural translators, providing colorful “voiceovers” of Western Movies for the native population. The veejays have gained such popularity as to become local celebrities. The unique way each veejay translates the films have even spawned genre specialists, with some being known for action movies and others for romantic comedies. This veejaying method lends creative license tot the “interpreter” with many choosing entertainment of their audience over accuracy. It’s an interesting article about how some African communities are customizing foreign movies for their market allowing them to earn a living and tap into their creative spirit.

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  • Wow, Africans always find new ways to make a common thing unique. It will be interesting to actually view one of these movies.

  • Nasifun

     i grow up listerning to this man translating video till now he is my  hero for ever thanks