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  • Africa Trends Roundup: Internet-Anywhere, Smart cities, & Jobs creation

    Posted Sep 8th, 2014 By in Business, Editor's Note, Technology With | Comments Off on Africa Trends Roundup: Internet-Anywhere, Smart cities, & Jobs creation

    Getting insights from the noisy coverage of Africa can be very hard. We’ve sifted through all the news and views and identified these recent stories which more accurately indicate what Africa’s cultural, and business ecosystems might look like in the near future. Read on and continue to stay one step ahead. Made In Kenya, Assembled …

  • Using Twitter for Nigeria election reform

    Posted Apr 12th, 2011 By in Events, Politics, Technology With | Comments Off on Using Twitter for Nigeria election reform

    At the center of grass roots efforts to keep Nigeria’s notorious election process clean is a small, indistinguishable man armed with a cell phone…Amara, wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “Light Up Nigeria” and with his mobile phone always close by, is perhaps Nigeria’s best-known Twitter activist….But as Amara tours polling stations across Lagos, he …

  • Trailer: When China met Africa (documentary)

    Posted Apr 6th, 2011 By in Business, Film/Television, General, Politics, Travel With | Comments Off on Trailer: When China met Africa (documentary)

    ‘When China met Africa‘, a new documentary film produced by Marc Francis & Nick Francis and Miriana Bojic Walter, tells the story of China’s entrance into Zambia and the cultural and business relationships surrounding: A historic gathering of over 50 African heads of state in Beijing reverberates in Zambia where the lives of three characters unfold. …

  • Microsoft chairman plots Africa’s tech revolution (video)

    Posted Jan 18th, 2011 By in Business, General, Technology With | 3 Comments

    In the video featurette below, CNN’s African Voices highlights Cheick Diarra, the Microsoft chairman for Africa who has been trying to make technology more accessible on the continent. In the video Mr. Diarra talks about tech affordability, connectivity, and training in Africa, and also comments on combatting software piracy by developing the local software development …

  • Africa’s wealth and consumerism draws big brands

    Posted Jan 14th, 2011 By in Business, General With | 4 Comments

    The Wall Street Journal is currently running an in-depth interactive series on the rapid development and potential of the African consumer market. The first installment of the series includes a wealth timeline of foreign investment in Africa, consumer profiles, an insightful article on multinational brand perspective and more. It’s a must read. I’m looking forward …

  • Insights on mobile banking & advertising in Africa (videos)

    Posted Jan 5th, 2011 By in Business, General, Technology With | 1 Comment

    If you’ve been following this website or been engaged in any recent conversation about Africa’s future, you can’t have missed a mention about mobile technology innovation and it’s impact in Africa. For the curious or uninitiated, here are a couple of videos which focus on the trend and give some insight particularly in the banking …

  • Growth and spending of African consumers (video)

    Posted Dec 8th, 2010 By in Business, Fashion, Film/Television, General With | 2 Comments

    Here’s a very  informative video interview on African consumer growth, spending and attitudes. Courtesy of ABN Digital.

  • Top 100 global thinkers of 2010

    Posted Dec 2nd, 2010 By in Books/Magazines, Business, Charity, Featured, General, Politics With | Comments Off on Top 100 global thinkers of 2010

    Foreign Policy Magazine has named their top 100 global thinkers of 2010. The list, which I’ve outlined below, is a mix of policy makers, advocates, and media professionals among other global influencers. A special congratulations goes out to Rosa Whitaker (#53), Ory Okolloh (#59), and Ethan Zuckerman (#81), all of whom  I’ve had the pleasure of …

  • ‘Fela!’ musical lands 11 Tony Noms; Chiwetel Ejiofor cast as Fela in biopic

    Posted May 5th, 2010 By in Art, Business, Events, Film/Television, Music With | 2 Comments

    A BIG congratulations to the cast and crew of ‘FELA!’ The musical as they have just received 11 Tony Award nominations including Best Musical. The Tony Awards is the leading awards which honor Broadway productions that opened during the 2009-10 season. Along with the musical ‘La Cage aux Folles’, ‘Fela!’ has received the most nominations. ‘Fela! is …

  • Africa in vibrant technicolor, Paul Sika talks to CNN

    Posted May 4th, 2010 By in Art, Books/Magazines, Business, Featured, Film/Television With | 6 Comments

    One of  the most dynamic, engaging young creative talents coming out of the African continent recently is Ivorian photographer/creative director Paul Sika. After being introduced about a year ago by a mutual friend, I was impressed by his creative vision and passion. Paul’s use of color and juxtaposition of characters in his photo and video creations …

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