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  • Brazil’s luxury consumers are weary

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    The #Business of Fashion reports: …while Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2017 runway extravaganza last weekend seemed to suggest otherwise, make no mistake: the current state of affairs in Brazil is having a serious effect on the country’s appetite for luxury goods. “Nobody knows what’s going to happen here politically — that’s the truth. It’s a very strange …

  • African markets in top 20 as mobile advertising continues strong growth in Q2 2009

    Posted Aug 5th, 2009 By in Business, General, Technology With | 2 Comments

    (photo by uzimagazine on flickr) </i>With traditional advertising revenue continuing it&#39;s downward spiral, mobile advertising continues to dominate advertising growth areas globally. BuzzCity, a global provider of wireless communities and consumer services, <a href=”http://www.mobile-tech-today.com/story.xhtml?story_id=67945&amp;full_skip=1″ target=”_blank”>recently released</a> it&#39;s Global Mobile Advertising Index report for the second quarter of 2009, showing some good numbers and areas of …

  • Local food for foreigners (Fish restaurant sign)

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    via flickr.com Fun sign for a fish restaurant in Tanzania.The sign maker has gone through the pains to correct their own spelling in an effort to communicate with and attract english-speaking customers. The red arrow above is a nice touch as it reinforces the intent of the sign. While the spellng and grammar is a …