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  • Can hip hop change Africa?

    Posted Aug 8th, 2006 By in Events, General, Music, Politics With | 5 Comments

    While many hip-hop fans in the US have started feeling that hip hop is dead, it’s becoming clearer that there is a totally different sentiment in other countries. A major reason for the pessimistic feeling of the US hip hop fans is the commercialization of hip hop culture and the preference for rap which, without …

  • Branding Africa for 2010

    Posted Jul 18th, 2006 By in Events, Politics, Sports With | 1 Comment

    Before the 2006 World Cup was over, many people had already shifted their focus to the 2010 World Cup which will be held in South Africa. With Puma sponsoring the African teams this year and Ghana making a great attempt to reach the finals, no-one can deny Africa’s shift to the spotlight. In 2010 the …

  • Diamonds are not Africa’s best friend

    Posted May 23rd, 2006 By in Fashion, Film/Television, Music, Politics With | Comments Off on Diamonds are not Africa’s best friend

    For the past year and a half the issue effort to stop the trade of conflict or blood diamonds has been kicked into overdrive. With mounting pressure from the UN and many humanitarian organizations especially Amnesty International, diamond manufacturers and retailers have been under severe pressure to clean up their act. Having lived off the …

  • Creating an African film experience

    Posted May 8th, 2006 By in Film/Television, Politics, Travel With | Comments Off on Creating an African film experience

    Chadian filmmaker Mahamat-Saleh Haroun is dedicated to his craft. Like many African born filmmakers he is intent of furthering the African experience through film. Using his country, Chad, as a backdrop he is currently at work on another film that puts a face on the people who experience the challenges of living on the continent. …

  • Darfur: Who needs the UN when you have MTV

    Posted May 4th, 2006 By in General, Politics With | Comments Off on Darfur: Who needs the UN when you have MTV

    Every so often African issues grow beyond the continent and makes it’s way into pop culture. In a capitalist society, social consciousness is a commodity and Africa’s problems are not exempt. As with Somalia (Black Hawk Down), and Sierra Leone (Diamonds from Sierra Leone) the problems in Darfur, Sudan has begun to hit the mass …

  • Liberian wins Environmental Award

    Posted Apr 24th, 2006 By in Events, General, Politics With | 2 Comments

    For those who were wondering about Google’s latest logo, this past Saturday marked Earth Day 2006. In commemoration of Earth Day and to promote environmental awareness worldwide, The Goldman Environmental Prize will be awarded today in a ceremony in San Francisco. One of the six recipients this year is Silas Kpanan’Ayoung Siakor (36), a Liberian …

  • Actor Don Cheadle documents Uganda’s “Night Commuters”

    Posted Apr 21st, 2006 By in Events, Film/Television, Politics With | Comments Off on Actor Don Cheadle documents Uganda’s “Night Commuters”

    In May of 2005, Academy Award-nominated actor Don Cheadle (Crash, Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic, Boogie Nights) traveled with his family to Kampala, Uganda to attend a charity screening of his award-winning film Hotel Rwanda. The screening was held to raise money for a group of children called the “night commuters”. They are called “night commuters” because …

  • China and Africa relations on a fast track

    Posted Apr 14th, 2006 By in Politics With | 1 Comment

    Since 2003, China has overtaken Japan as the second largest consumer of petroleum after the United States. In the search for oil to fuel it famous production cycle, China has begun pumping billions of dollars into Africa with most of the money focused on oil producing nations like Sudan, and Nigeria. The LA Times reports …

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