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  • Madonna getting African child?

    Posted Sep 25th, 2006 By in Books/Magazines, General, Music, Travel With | Comments Off on Madonna getting African child?

    A recent British newspaper, The People, announces that Madonna might be looking to adopt a child or twins from one of her favorite African countries, Malawi. First there were rumors of her adopting a whole village and now it’s back to a child or two. Whatever the “truth” is, it is certain that Madge -as …

  • Songstress Goapele Receives Activism Award

    Posted Aug 14th, 2006 By in Events, Music, Politics With | 1 Comment

    For those who don’t know, get familiar with this songstress. Goapele (the name means ‘to move forward’ in Sitswana, a South African language) has been doing her thing for a while both on the music and political front. “The Bay area-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights will honor neo soul singer Goapele with its …

  • Can hip hop change Africa?

    Posted Aug 8th, 2006 By in Events, General, Music, Politics With | 5 Comments

    While many hip-hop fans in the US have started feeling that hip hop is dead, it’s becoming clearer that there is a totally different sentiment in other countries. A major reason for the pessimistic feeling of the US hip hop fans is the commercialization of hip hop culture and the preference for rap which, without …

  • Diamonds are not Africa’s best friend

    Posted May 23rd, 2006 By in Fashion, Film/Television, Music, Politics With | Comments Off on Diamonds are not Africa’s best friend

    For the past year and a half the issue effort to stop the trade of conflict or blood diamonds has been kicked into overdrive. With mounting pressure from the UN and many humanitarian organizations especially Amnesty International, diamond manufacturers and retailers have been under severe pressure to clean up their act. Having lived off the …

  • Making Mali Music

    Posted Apr 20th, 2006 By in General, Music With | Comments Off on Making Mali Music

    The NY Times recently published an excellent article on the Malian music scene and it’s growth beyond it’s borders. “A Malian music boom that began in the 1990’s, when the soulful vocalist Salif Keita and the singer-guitarist Ali Farka Touré achieved international stardom, has brought an influx of tourists, record producers and aspiring musicians seeking …

  • Indie Rock group and Nigerian frontman begin tour

    Posted Apr 18th, 2006 By in Events, Music With | Comments Off on Indie Rock group and Nigerian frontman begin tour

    Having won the Short List with his band TV on the Radio in 2004, Nigerian renaissance man Tunde Adebimpe is about to have another great year. His 2004 album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, earned his band praise from artists as diverse as Morrissey, Mos Def and Trent Reznor. But this was not Adebimpe’s first …

  • Hugh Masekela past and present

    Posted Apr 14th, 2006 By in Events, Music With | Comments Off on Hugh Masekela past and present

    South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela is in concert in the USA this month. He will be promoting his latest cd “Revival”. Known throughout the world as one of Africa’s great musicians. Hugh Masekela was one of the first African artists to break into U.S. pop radio. If you’re into a more funky African sound check …

  • Reconnecting the dots

    Posted Apr 10th, 2006 By in Music With | Comments Off on Reconnecting the dots

    One of my favorite DJs Rich Mediana, the maestro behind the Jump N Funk Fela party, recently released a his CD titled Connecting the Dots. One of the songs, “Can’t hold back”, has now been remixed by another one of my favorite DJs King Britt. Check it out.

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