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K’Naan launches Coca-Cola World Cup campaign

February 23rd, 2010 Posted in Business, Events, Film/Television, General, Travel

Somalian-born, Canadian-based hip-hop artist K’Naan has specially recorded a version of the song “Wavin’ Flag”, originally featured on his 2009 album Troubadour, for the Coca Cola sponsored 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament, hosted by South Africa. The remix, “Wavin’ Flag (The Celebration Mix)”, will be part of Coke’s global integrated marketing campaign rolling out in over 150 countries this summer. The track will be used as the main music element throughout the entire campaign including as the soundtrack on all TV commercials, played at FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola events, featured on the online digital platform and more.

The campaign developed to support (Coke’s) sponsorship of the landmark sporting event is an extension of the current Coca-Cola brand platform “Open Happiness. (It) invites fans to express their optimism and passion for football through active dance celebrations.

Video: K’Naan World Cup Coke commercial featuring Spanish pop singer David Bisbal

Video: Coke FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour multimedia booth

If you can’t see the videos above click here

  • WorldCup

    So does the actual commercial soundtrack feature David Bisbal as well? Don't remember him being in the original version which I saw/heard a while ago. Anyhow, its a catchy tune for the 2010 World Cup which Coke has a history of picking quite well so I'm interested to see if this selection does as well as their past ones.

  • James Brown


    Do you know that institutions are banning Coca-Cola at their premises until action is taken as regards to Colombia killings?

    The link below from the Guardian Newspaper informs you more;

    Do you know that violent anti Coca-Cola protests are being experienced in Asia, India being the worst hit? While Africa is too oppressed by the Company

    Follow link;

    Since it’s a question of ethics and only the Coca-Cola top management is fairly answerable, please demand for answers from the Chairman and C.E.O of Coca-Cola Mr. Muktar Kent using his direct email address which is; or hopefully, your email will enable a positive policy change at the company.

    Further still, because Coca-Cola has invested at the 2010 FIFA World cup, I would recommend that another email be sent to the FIFA president Mr. Sepp Blatter so as he can pressure the Coca-Cola company to act with speed and to give assurance and guarantee to everyone affected by the company’s policy their commitment and support and whose assurance must come before the world Cup in June. Sepp Blatters direct email address is;

    This should be enough test for Coca-Cola on whether they truly mean peace in the world as advocated by the purposes of FIFA world cup.

    Feel free to forward this email to your friends, and help in changing Coca-Cola Policies for the better.

    Thanks and Regards,


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