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Video: Outsourcing for change

April 29th, 2008 Posted in Business, General, Technology, Travel

One of the best conversations I had at SXSW was on the topic of outsourcing. While Asia – and India specifically – is known for having a strong history in outsourcing, Africa is quickly ramping up it’s ability to compete with and often times supplement Asian outsourcing. While there have been talk of Africa becoming the next Asia in terms of global business/investor focus, the continent still has some heavy issues to resolve before it can truly realize it’s potential. But, of course that will never stop entrepreneurs from doing their part. Watch this creative video below from a new Sillicon Valley-based venture called Market for Change.

Market for Change aims to catalyze economic development by creating a market for responsible outsourcing to small and medium-sized firms in developing countries.

via Timbuktu Chronicles

  • Mwangi – the Displaced African

    This is long overdue…the outsourcing market is hot, and thanks to people like Tim Ferriss and other Internet entrepreneurs it’s only getting hotter. I think now is definitely the time for the bright minds of Africa to step up.

  • lead generation philippines 

    I think that outsourcing really is a change. Like in the Philippines, the outsourcing industry is very popular and there are many young professionals who are working at night and their pay is higher than the day-shift jobs. Their lifestyle too have changed. There are many food-chains open at night to give way for the employees working at night. Not just that, it also beneficial for the economy of the country, which is good news. There are a lot of things changed and it is up to the person to which side she/he should look. Thank you! – Adriane

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