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Video: Growth of business process outsourcing to Ghana

March 3rd, 2008 Posted in Business, General, Technology, Travel

  • alexcarlson

    Hi nice video.Here I got a good idea about of business process outsourcing to Ghana enjoy it .

  • Call Center Philippines

    That was a great news! At last, Ghana climbs BPO rankings. After seven years of driving IT projects, Ghana has reaped the benefits.

  • Call Centers Philippines

    It's good to know that the BPO industry is starting to grow in an African nation such as Ghana. Hopefully it will continue to grow not just in the said countries but in its neighboring nations as well.

  • KPO Services

    It only means that Ghana is improving their business competitiveness and increasing economic growth! Ghana was poised to be a BPO hub, because the submarine cable could assure multinationals of faster speed of communication for their customers.

  • Contact Center Philippines

    Ghana has been identified as the most preferred destination in Sub-Saharan Africa for investments in Business Processing Outsourcing. Ghana leaped from its 27th position on the Kearney Global Services Location Index that ranks countries’ ability to handle business processes in 2007 to become the first preferred destination in Sub-saharan Africa in 2009.

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