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Africa Enterprising articles part 3

The 3rd edition of the The Carnival of African Enterprising has launched at the White African blog. As with the previous installments, this edition highlights some of the best posts from the African business/entrepreneurship blogosphere. Head over to White African to check out top posts from 5 of Africa’s top blogging/business talent, with a bonus addition from Annansi Chronicles (Big Thanks to Hash).To find out more about the ongoing carnival go here. Special thanks to Benin Mwangi for organizing everything.

  • Benin Mwangi

    Thanks Kofi, just for being top notch. I appreciate your mention of the carnival too.

    Also, good work on the functionality changes to this site, I’ve got to talk to you about how to do that.

    Take care!

  • Jalis Kana

    I was born in East Africa 45yrs ago,been to many parts of the continent and you know what I still have to see how a white African looks like as mentioned on the article above!!Are mulatos(eg half sweedish half Maasai)the so called white Africans?

  • Kofi

    White African is the blog where Hash writes. I think in Hash’s case he is not a mulato, but white african refers to the fact that he was born and raised in Africa. Check out the White African site for his bio.

    Thanks for your comment.

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