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Who’s doing business in Africa?, Trade Forum Magazine update

Mashudu Ramano Johnnic CommunicationsNot long ago I highlighted a feature in Trade Forum magazine called “Changing Brand Africa”. It turns out they’ve updated their site with a new section called “Who’s Doing Business in Africa?”. The new section complements the previous feature with six new stories:

In all, the six sections give a well rounded view of the various opportunities to do business on the continent. A good read.

The articles below are a collection of inspirational models that reflect the new “Brand Africa.” It is the second in the series of stories about Changing “Brand Africa” to be featured on the Trade Forum site.
From an African media mogul in South Africa, we go to the founder of a home furnishings firm in Ethiopia. A coffee supplier outlines Rwanda’s rapid improvement as a coffee producer, and a Tunisian businessman shows how his country is embracing information and communications technology with a passion. We also look at trends in corporate social responsibility, a “must” for businesses, as practiced at Shell, and at how modern technology used by bushmen opens new job opportunities. – Trade Forum Magazine

  • Benin Mwangi


    You are a brilliant man. Thanks for the excellent links. I never saw the site until today!

  • Kofi

    Thanks for the complement Benin. I hope the info there is helpful in your discussions.

  • Benin Mwangi


    As a matter of fact I have been thinking about one of the articles that you have cited-daily since reading it here on A.C.

    You can expect to see a post about it sometime soon.

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