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Taking a break

May 29th, 2007 Posted in Editor's Note, General

I’m taking a much needed vacation this week. I’ll be returning to posting on Annansi Chronicles next week. In the meantime check out these excellent African blogs: (African Entrepreneurship & international media)
Africaincorp (Following the Money Trailing the Afri-urban Movement )
Bankelele (Banking analysis and the financial sector in Kenya)
African Path (View of Africans in the Diaspora) (Daily Motivations & Development for people and organizations)
Tech Mambo (Profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies)
Odegele Nyang Investments (Business and investment news in Kenya and East Africa)
Kenya Startup (Start Ups in Kenya)
WhiteAfrican (Where Africa and Tech Collide)
Afriville (Community Portal)
Grandiose Parlor (Thoughts on Issues)
Yemma (nspiring Excellence)
Alt Nigeria (Nigerian Business)
Upnaira (Consumer Investments)
Rafiq Phillips (South Africa Technology and Web Addicts)
Ryan Shen-Hoover (Investing in Africa)
Leonard Nelson (Web 2.0 with a Zambian Twist)
Whythawk (Sustainable Business and Economic Development)
My Global Hustle

  • beninmwangi


    Hey, though your posts will be missed over the next week, I certainly understand. Sometimes taking a break replenishes the soul-actually most all of the time.

    I hope that you come back in good spirits and accomplish whatever it is that you will be working towards, in the interim.

    Oh and by the way, thanks for mentioning the members of the Africa Enterprising Blog Network

    I really appreciate that and am sure that the members that you mentioned do too.

    Until then, be good!

  • tedstaff

    Thanks for this list — it was a huge help in finding all the bloggers who were covering TEDGlobal Africa. Your site is a great resource and a great read!

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