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Dior puts a little soul in it’s Marrakech Express

May 16th, 2007 Posted in Books/Magazines, Business, Fashion, General, Music, Travel

Alek Wek on Dior Cruise 2008 NYC runway Alek Wek's shoes on Dior Cruise 2008 NYC runway

On Monday evening, designer John Galliano showed his Christian Dior Cruise 2008 collection in New York City. Going into the event I expected the normal couture runway spectacle, including the absence of anything or anyone African (or black). I was delighted to see though that Galliano did his part to at least acknowledge the diversity of the times by including Alek Wek and “it girl” Chanel Iman. While the collection and scenery channeled the 60′s-era, the Parisian fashion house designs and choice of music impressed me with it’s updated view of what luxury lifestyle is today. While the inclusion of only two ethnic models in a show themed “Marrakech Express” is not the best case scenario (hellooo! Moroccans have a unique African culture), I am happy to see that the trends I observed in last season’s shows is not catching on throughout the industry. Hopefully more African models can soon get a chance to lend their authenticity to couture runway shows. Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kabede was also in attendance.

  • Maryam in Marrakech

    Well, I certainly know that Moroccans are Africans (I have lived in Africa for the last nine years – if I don’t know that by now, I am in trouble). In Morocco’s annual Caftan fashion shows, most of the models appear to be shipped in from elsewhere – sporting blonde hair, etc. Such a pity when there are so many lovely Moroccan models. Oh well.

  • Kofi

    I hope you didn’t think i was trying to say you didn’t know Moroccans were Africans. I was actually linking to your site to show how well you capture the beauty of Morocco and its African people. I guess my point was lost in translation. Sorry.

    I do agree that the people of Morocco are beautiful, and one has only to visit sites like yours to understand beauty of the people and culture. I felt that key point was missing in the Dior show.

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