• Designer Ozwald Boateng on dressing President Obama and his Made in Africa wealth initiative

    Posted August 31, 2009 By in Art, Business, Charity, Events, Fashion, Film/Television, Politics, Travel With | 2 Comments

    In this three part series fashion designer Ozwald Boateng talks with CNN about outfitting President Obama for his recent Ghana visit and the designer’s new initiative “Made in Africa”.

    Part 1: Tailoring for the President
    CNN’s Monita Rajpal talks British-Ghanaian tailor Ozwald Boateng about his rise to fame and tailoring for President Obama’s Ghanaian visit.

    Part 2: Made in Africa Ozwald Boateng talks about ‘Made in Africa.’ An organization designed to promote wealth and self sufficiency in Africa

    Part 3: Designer to role model
    British-Ghanaian tailor Ozwald Boateng explains his plans to help tailor Africa’s image problems.

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  • big ups to this african brother… he’s sharp as a tack with it.

  • big ups to this african brother… he's sharp as a tack with it.