• Mobile devices fueling Africa’s advertising growth?

    Posted July 17, 2008 By in Featured With | 1 Comment

    There’s a reason many multinationals and entrepreneurs alike are scrambling to get into the Africa’s telcom business. The future of the mobile phone in Africa is looking quite promising. And as the mobile platform becomes more reliable new areas of enterprise are finding a foothold to grow. Reports reveal that in one major market, South Africa, average response rate for mobile advertising campaigns is from 10% to 25%. A luxury advertisers are certainly not enjoying in more established markets.

    “Cellphone technology will play a vital role in Africa when the continent is marketing and selling itself as an international tourism destination online”, says Damian Cook, MD managing director of E-Tourism Africa, a new initiative to develop Africa’s tourism and travel sector was launched recently. But while the future looks promising, there’s still a great need for standards and overall advancement in the telcom industry.

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