• AfriMonitor launches in beta

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    After many years of working on products with African culture as a central subject, I am again launching a product which I think is missing in the marketplace. Throughout my years as an entrepreneur, I have had to conduct endless market research and have found a serious lack of information about the African market. While I understand that the market is still very young, I feel that to help it grow and to encourage more entrepreneurs to develop products to help it grow, a product like AfriMonitor.com is necessary. While I still write about African business and culture trends at Annans Chronicles, much of the in-depth analysis of trends will be posted here on AfriMonitor.com. To read more about direction AfriMonitor will be developing towards in the next few months visit the About us page.

    I am launching AfriMonitor as a beta for now to get some feedback and begin getting some information to those who can make use of it. We are working hard to get you much of the information which will make this site most useful, so check back often or better yet, subscribe to AfriMonitor’s rss feed or sign up for automatic email updates. For now the News tabs currently contain aggregated content from all the major news engines and is updated many times a day. As you can see we are also making our first trend brief “Exploring ChinAfrica” available as a free download in the Intelligence section. And we’ve developed an interactive timeline of China-Africa relations for those who want to more information.

    In the next few months we’ll be adding more insights and reports and featuring interviews with newsmakers. We’ll also be updating our Resources and Events sections soon. Please feel free to submit a resource or event for inclusion in our directory or just contact us with any comments/suggestions.

    – G. Kofi Annan

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