April, 2008

  • Video: Outsourcing for change

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    One of the best conversations I had at SXSW was on the topic of outsourcing. While Asia – and India specifically – is known for having a strong history in outsourcing, Africa is quickly ramping up it’s ability to compete with and often times supplement Asian outsourcing. While there have been talk of Africa becoming …

  • Global hip-hop music and films in NYC

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    If you’re planning on being in the New York City area this weekend please join us for the Global Hip-Hop Music and Film fest. The mini festival will feature films (African Underground: Democracy in Dakar, Peduo Hablar, Diamonds in The Rough, Chocolate City, Benign Eleven, Estilo Hip-Hop, African Underground: Democracy in Paris) and live music …

  • 1st India-Africa Summit held

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    While everyone was following the Olympic torch global tour and the protests at the various legs of the tour, a very important summit was held in New Delhi India. April 8-9 saw the debut of the 1st India-Africa Summit, where heads of state from 14 African countries including South Africa, Algeria, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana …

  • Africa 2.0, 2 yr anniversary, growth

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    It seems it’s been about a month since my last post. Wow! How timees fly when you’re running around. I guess I’ve been neglecting my duties here on Annansi Chronicles, but hey there’s much more to life than posting to blogs. Some readers might not have missed me since we communicate regularly online, but I’m …