• Cultures collide: A new Chinese-African identity

    Posted December 18, 2007 By in Business, General, Politics, Travel With | 3 Comments
    Chinese women in Lagos

    As more and more Chinese make their way into Africa seeking opportunities, what will be the cultural impacts on African communities? While many larger Chinese corporations are setting up shop in Africa, there are also individual Chinese businessmen – and women – exploring the opportunities on the African continent. The image above shows an increasingly common interaction between Chinese and Nigerian businesswomen in Lagos. African students are already beginning to attend Chinese universities as a way to make themselves more marketable in the growing Africa-based Chinese job market. Around the world, the Chinese are known for creating businesses in communities where there was never an obvious cultural relationship, but then again so are Africans. So with the growing Chinese/African cultural exchange will both cultures maintain their distinction or will a new identity arise? (photo Sunday Alamba)

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  • Missed u so dearly inh blogworld. Was just talking about this yesterday and the changing face of Africa’s citizens and my experince seeing so many asians in Nigeria last time I visited which was last year.

  • A fascinating concept indeed. I studied African Studies and although most of my classmates were white, one was Chinese and fluent in Swahili. It was pretty cool hearing Swahili with a Chinese accent.

  • JH

    African students (esp Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans) have been attending Chinese universities for a long time now. Just like the US, UK, and former USSR on scholarships. Checkout Nanjing where most reside although there are plenty in Beijing. Did you ever hear of the riots that took place in 1989? because of an interracial couple black and chinese. The riots were a demonstration because blacks felt mistreated. It’s not a new phenomenon but it now makes sense with the new developments.

    P.S. Lots of East Africans go to school in India as well.