• Hat tip to you sir. This is a wonderful idea, I hope African bloggers and your readers visit the SXSW site to vote and be part of this event!

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  • Thanks for the support CareTaker. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a series of similar events.

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  • Definitely agree with what you are doing and it is overdue. On my way to go vote!

  • Good luck with it.sounds interesting. It seems with countries like Ghana we are jumping a technological ‘era’ – in the sense that you can browse the internet on your phone with ease but the availability of broadband in homes is partial. We have more mobile phones than land line phones. So those this change make us a progressive nation or does it hamper us from building sound foundations on which or comunications industry should be based.

  • I sit here shaking my head, wondering how I missed this call to action… I was to late to vote, so I wrote them an email instead, letting them know how great of an idea I thought this was.

    I’d love to see someone like you on a panel.

  • Thanks Hash. Hopefully the organizers will give us a chance to diversify the content of the festival.