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    African migrantThe BBC has put together an informative feature about African migration to Europe. The feature outlines the economic attraction of Europe, routes and methods taken, numbers of Africans immigrants in europe, effects on Spain – the closest European country to the African continent, and how much money the African immigrants contribute to their home country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The feature is full of statistics and analysis from the UN and the World Bank as well as various articles of migrant stories. Though some of the information is a few months old, put together, the feature gives a view of why and how Africans migrate. One topic the feature does not touch on though is how much the migrants contribute to their host country’s GDP. Hmmmm.

    Africa Europe Migration Routes

    Migrant contribution to GDP

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  • Ron.

    I wish that more African Americans who are business owners would immigrate to Africa. For example the company owned by Reginald Lewis, Beatrice Foods. I think that the Chinese immigrants from the United States are making major contributions to China. Why shouldn’t African Americans? Another example, Nigeria has a new capital. If Djibouti had one of The Home Depot stores, one Walmart super store and one General Motors plant, Nigeria would be the major hub of commerce in Africa!

  • Ron.

    In my previous comment I mentioned Djibouti. I ment Abuja the capital of Nigeria.

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