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  • Melvin Webb

    I am an african american with a business in Ghana. The business is water treatment.
    We treat river water, lake water, tap water
    and other water sources. We work with land developers providing water treatment solutions and technology for their projects.
    I am seeking investment groups interested in doing business in Ghana. Ther are several business opportunities for investors comitted tothe growth and devlopment of Ghana. I would like to discuss these opportunities with african americans such as pictured in your June Artical of The Gold Star Hearld.
    Thank you
    Melvin Webb

  • joe

    This is great.

    I get so frustrated when I see white celebrities getting all the publicity for adopting poor African children, or donating money to some dusty African village. It seems like the world celebrates them, while it makes it seem like Africans are helpless and perpetually destitute.

    Meanwhile, black men like these are stepping up, and helping Africans do for themselves, utilize their own resources and have some dignity, but they are ignored by the media.

    Congratulations, gentlemen. You do us all a great service with your actions.

  • Kodwo

    Hi there

    I’m in Accra,Ghana

    Ready to help with any feasiblity studies that you might want to do.

    Water treatment!Great idea

  • Sharon

    hi Melvin, we are a South African based water treatment company and would like to do business in Ghana. we supply equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Are you able to link us with agents doing t he same in Ghana?

    Thanks and Regards,