• royalty

    For the record, the documentary did, in fact, air on MTV…around the same time all the promo for the album took place.

  • Kofi

    Ahh. Thanks for the correction.

  • bouqie

    well u guys dont expect him to be the only one doin it ow much money does he have that only him would give south africa water at least he tried some othe mogul too shuld put money naw
    and as for the cloth ads i don see noin wrong with it
    it business

  • alex

    i think its disgusting. a man promoting clothes that most people in the western world cant afford by standing in the middle of a group of third wrold children. rocawear & jay z are sick for thinking something this tasteless up

  • Almeca Simms

    Can you send me some posters for my classroom. I’m teaching Africa this year and the middle grades kids I teach will love them.

    A. Simms

  • Soulgoddess

    I don’t have a problem with it. I’m tired of watching celebrities of every other race (folks like Madonna and Bono) turn their attentions towards Africa while Black folks turn away. I give him props for the whole campaign. If he makes it cool for Black folks to be proud of, or (gasp!) actually visit Africa to see it for themselves, more power too him. I’m sick of everyone getting up in arms when we represent anything about Africa that’s not tragedy, starvation, genocide, etc. All that exists, but plenty of people lead normal, even extraordinary lives there! Let’s start projecting a more well rounded picture of the continent.

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  • dareybutter

    Dang im bout to climb into the computer screen and sit on my husband lap in that fifth picture! He always has this face like the camera person needs to be me!

  • rushay

    well over the years of studying life as a kid growing up in south africa and also understand how american media has influenced youths minds i would say i have become patriotic for a african cause cos we need africa to rise and we need our own economy to be empowered and not some roca wear,What are we gaining back from this?

  • Elaine

    are there stores in Durban that stock Rocawear?

  • Tiffany Carter- Simmons

    i think its beautiful and i feel that only negative people feel negatively

  • Tiffany Carter- Simmons

    i think its beautiful and i feel that only negative people feel negatively