• Marta

    Maybe there’s some point about those movies. Though, I really liked DiCaprio in ‘Blood Diamond’. But that’s not what I wanted to write. I think this is in a way to attract the viever and bring him to the theatres to shed some light on the story. Though it is possible with African as main caracter too (‘Hotel Rwanda’, fantastic soundtrack by the way). I remember how hudge impression ‘Blood Diamond’ left me with. Since a year, I’ve been writing a thesis on child soldiers. So all, I’ve red about became picture. And watching this picture was like reading one or another book or report. So to me the child soldiers-scenes were like documentary.

    I have to get my hands on that book you mentioned, but I’m affraid it will be impossible to buy it in Europe, at least for now. And I’ll get back to your blog too, because it looks interesting. All the best!