• Illegal Senegalese immigrants model in Spain

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     Antonio Miro's  2007 runway illegal immigrantsIn a “show of solidarity toward immigrants” Spanish fashion designer Antonio Miro caused a stir during his Fall/Winter 2007-2008 fashion show in Pasarela, Barcelona yesterday, by allowing eight Senegalese illegal immigrants to model his collection. Mr Miro, who has featured prisoners in past shows, said he wanted to draw attention to the migrants’ plight. The show also featured a battered boat, commonly referred to as a cayucos (crowded open boat), similar to the ones that transport thousands of Africans to the shores of Spain’s Canary Islands each year. At least half of almost 30,000 illegal arrivals in Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa, in 2006 were Senegalese. Though Mr. Miro paid some of the immigrants for the work, featuring them has immigrant rights groups divided. Representatives of Senegalese immigrants have called the move frivolous and say the designer is celebrating the dangerous trip the migrants take. Pro-migrant groups though says it’s good that someone other than NGO’s denounce the situation the immigrants are going through when they come by boat to Spain. What do you think?

    Via Fashion Week Daily

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  • interesting….u think the desginer is really trying to highlight the issue or exploit the refugees?

  • I think Miro is honestly doing his part of drawing attention to the issue. While, he might not have done it the right way, he was right in doing so. I certainly don’t think he means to exploit the immigrants or glorify the way they have to risk their lives to get a better life.

  • What a great blog! I am a lover of all things African, too.

  • Thanks for the compliment Maryam.

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  • i fully support the designer .at least he has done his part to highlight the plight of these people who are i think just victims of poor gorvernance in most parts of the continent.they need a life dont they?thats why they go to Spain to look for a better life.someone out there need to do or say something about it.and thats what the designer has done.