• China and Africa relations on a fast track

    Posted April 14, 2006 By in Politics With | 1 Comment

    BBC - China/AfricaSince 2003, China has overtaken Japan as the second largest consumer of petroleum after the United States. In the search for oil to fuel it famous production cycle, China has begun pumping billions of dollars into Africa with most of the money focused on oil producing nations like Sudan, and Nigeria. The LA Times reports that “China’s demand for resources has driven up prices, propelling significant GDP gains in many countries. China has educated thousands of African university students, and it sends Africa hundreds of doctors and advisors each year. Chinese firms are building roads, rehabilitating infrastructure and bringing cellphone service to places that land lines never reached”. While the infrastructural benefits of this relationship is generally positive a BBC article points out how “Chinese firms are a little less ethically constrained than their Western counterparts” which can encourage human rights violations by African governments.

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  • It’s not the responsibility of China or other countries that do business with Africa to be ethically correct on the social order of Africa. That’s Africa’s responsibility. Al these westerns nations voicing concern are the very nations that has rape the continent of Africa of it people and resources. Africa needs to get into business agreements with China to build its economy thus enriching its people. Too long has Africa has been irresponsible and placed greed over humanity. Foster this relationship, business and cultural. Take the growth of China as an example of sustained growth without destruction of your nation.