market-280135_1280How will (f/k/a Afrimonitor) benefit your ?

  • Discover and help enter new markets
  • Expand market share
  • Minimize the risk of a wrong investment or business decision
  • Keep ahead of the competition, obtain first-mover advantage over competitors
  • Identify growth opportunities and give the customers what they want
  • Convince decision-makers of investment opportunities
  • Establish and maintain a distinctive corporate identity

Who will benefit from (f/k/a Afrimonitor)?

Entrepreneurs – Venture Capitalists – Investors – C-level Executives – Marketing and PR professionals – Strategists  – Project and Product Managers – Any decision makers

Whether you’re learning about a new market or are an industry insider looking to stay informed, (f/k/a Afrimonitor) will give you the relevant, practical insights you need.


ABOUT (f/k/a Afrimonitor) launched in 2008 to address the gap that exists in focused expert industry analysis for the rapidly growing emerging markets. We understand that timely, highly relevant, practical analysis and insights are essential for entrepreneurs, executives, investors and innovators . Our team is focused on aggregating and analyzing pertinent information to help decision-makers discover new opportunities and make the right decisions.

Focus on Africa, Asia, and other emerging markets
Our research and thought leadership is solely concentrated on revealing the consumer trends and business opportunities in rapidly evolving emerging markets. We focus on business and market intelligence related to companies, , industries, and products.

Easily Accessible
By offering access to a range of research and intelligence we provide the highest value for your business.

Timely Analysis
Given the very nature of the markets we cover, we work constantly to provide timely analysis — from quick takeaways on curated links to deep market insights that keep pace with rapidly changing new areas.

Whether you’re beginning to learn about a new market or are an industry insider, (f/k/a Afrimonitor) addresses the need for relevant, illuminating insights into the fast-growing African, Asian and other emerging markets.

ABOUT ANNANSI LLC was launched in 2001 by  G. Kofi Annan, a Ghanaian-American strategist, technologist, and entrepreneur. For 10+ years the company has served as a vehicle for tracking, and identifying  global trends fueling  the growth of business and consumer markets in emerging markets. The company has been responsible for a number of high-profile information and inspiration-based initiatives including Annansi Clothing Co., and Annansi Chronicles